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Now that you are enjoying the wonderful features and low calling rates of SoSoChat.com why not spread the word out to your friends, family and colleagues? They can all save money and you can earn free calling credits and CASH if they signup.
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Hello <Your friend's name will be inserted here> I have found this great service that you can use to make low cost international calls. They have very low rates to Jamaica and the Caribbean. You can also use the service to send prepaid topup credit to the mobile phone of friends and family in Jamaica. Other great features include:

- VERY low calling rates to Jamaica landline and mobile
- UNLIMITED calling plan for USA, UK and Canada
- Jamaica calling plans that includes 300 mins/mth to any telephone
- Jamaica calls forwarded to you in the USA, Canada or the UK
- Make and receive low cost International calls from ANY telephone

Why don't you sign-up too? It is quick and easy and they give you a free trial account to start.

Once you are done, please add me to your contact list. My email address is
<Your email address>

Tell your friends, family and colleagues about SoSoChat.com and earn calling credits or CASH.

For more information please visit www.sosochat.com.


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